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Worldwide Advisory Services provides field examination services for a wide range of commercial bankers and asset based lenders, from community lenders to large national financial institutions. Our clients include commercial lenders offering informal or lightly monitored lines of credit to asset based lenders offering fully monitored asset based lending facilities. Our success comes from our experience, commitment to quality, and our ability to customize our collateral field examination programs to suit a wide range of lenders - from the most experienced asset-based lender, to the commercial lender requesting a field examination for the first time.


Worldwide Advisory Services Principals


Joseph Cann                  Barton Hyte


Recent News: Jack Chan, former Field Examination Manager of Sterling National Bank has joined Worldwide Advisory Services LLC

to provide field examinations to Asset Based Lenders.


Worldwide Advisory Services has developed an innovative product line in response to the ever changing clients needs.  With extensive experience in the Asset Based Lending Industry, we deliver a complete suite of appraisal and field examination services, inclusive of providing combined appraisals and field exams for new loans, collateral updates or workouts. Our products provide comprehensive investigations and conclusions of inventories, machinery & equipment and reporting systems as well as offering recommendations regarding key monitoring issues and recovery factors to assist in managing assets on an on-going basis.


Our goal is to provide consistent and timely collateral analysis based on the requested scope and needs of the client. Testing results can be presented by use of our or the client’s audit template The Examiner will communicate issues, findings and potential deviations with the client throughout the course of the exam. Upon completion, review will be performed by our internal audit manager prior to final issuance. After issuance, our managers and examiners will be available to discuss findings or concerns.


Worldwide Advisory has professionals located in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, South Carolina, Arizona and the Tri-State area surrounding Chicago, Illinois. Our staff easily covers the Northeast, West, Southeastern, Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions and has the ability to handle a client's needs wherever the assignment may take them.


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Our proven collateral field examination programs identify areas of potential risk, assess that risk, and provide recommendations to commercial and asset-based lenders to aid in making informed decisions. Our most common areas of expertise are new business pre-loan surveys and recurring field examinations. Both are essential tools to assist the commercial and asset-based lender in structuring existing or proposed credit facilities and in better understanding the underlying collateral.



Our Services Include:

Traditional collateral field examinations

Consumer finance field examinations

Premium finance field examinations

Floor plan field examinations

Accounts receivable confirmations

Accounts receivable aging analysis and ineligible calculation

Lender seminars

Training borrowers to correctly complete borrowing certificates and calculate ineligibles


We can amend our field examination services to meet your specific needs.

Common services we provide include:

Traditional Asset-Based Collateral Field Examinations

Limited Scope Collateral Field Examinations

New Business Survey Field Examinations

Recurring Collateral Field Examinations

Consumer Finance Field Examinations

Premium Finance Field Examinations

Floorplan Field Examinations

Leasing Field Examinations

Takedown Field Examinations

Observation of Physical Inventory

Borrowing Certificate Tracking and Reconciliation

Accounts Receivable Aging Analysis and Ineligible Calculation

Borrowing Certificate Training for the Borrower

Ineligible Calculation Instruction for the Borrower

Written and Telephone Accounts Receivable Confirmation Services

Tracking and Scheduling of Recurring Examinations

Aging and Perpetual Footings

Data Sort/ Extraction Services

Lender Seminars


Collateral Examinations

Investment Analysis

Quality of Earnings Reviews

Workout Assistance

Collateral/ Integrity Monitoring